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Radio Shock “Fast Breeder” music video + TOUR!

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Music Video + October Tour!

I want to share some cool things which I’ve been working on! Last year I went on a short tour through the midwest in October and shot some POV video all along the way. This has been edited into a music video to the song “Fast Breeder” (from a tape EP available for download from Suite309). Please check it out and share it if you think it’s cool. Watch this video and experience what it’s like to be Radio Shock touring solo! See: Cats! Basements! Broken guitar strings! Lots of driving!

watch RADIO SHOCK “Fast Breeder”


And this weekend! I’m heading out on a similar tour through many of the same cities and culminating in an appearance on Friday the 23rd at CHEAP FEST in Richmond. Dates:

Sat. OCT 10 Pittsburgh, PA
at Bloomfield Bridge Tavern w/ Barb Wire Dolls, Boiled Denim, Westerburg

Sun. OCT 11 Cleveland, OH
at Mahall’s Locker Room w/ Ra Washington, Moth Cock

Wed. OCT 14 Kalamazoo, MI
at The KFC
w/ Camp Dad, Nate Allen, Self Proclaimed Narcissist

Thurs. OCT 15 Chicago IL
at Situations (location by request)
w/ Guerilla Toss, Buck Gooter, Good Willsmith

Sat. OCT 17 Minneapolis, MN
at Poser Compound w/ Much Worse, Slow Walker, Decomposer, Näive Sense, Grant Atticus

Sun. OCT 18 Des Moines, IA
at The Fremont w/ Moulttrigger, Former Comedian, Cheerleaders in Trees, Tony Weir Effected Ensemble

Mon. OCT 19 St Louis, MO
at Kismet Creative Center

Tues. OCT 20 Nashville, TN
at Betty’s Grill w/ Christian Michael Filardo, Angelo Harmsworth, Jjakub

Wed. OCT 21 Asheville, NC
at Mothlight
w/ Kreamy Lectric Santa, The Errs

Thurs. OCT 22 Winston-Salem, NC
at Reanimator Records w/ Clang Quartet, more

Fri. OCT 23 Richmond, VA
at CHEAP FEST at Strange Matter w/ too many to list…

Spread the word! (and if you noticed a few missing dates in that list, those will be vacation days UNLESS someone makes a last minute offer I can’t refuse) Thanks and hope to see some of you at the shows!


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Brooklyn show FRI & Savage Weekend MAY 17-18

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Radio Shock LIVE events!

(added some new emails to this list, as always if you want off, just reply & say “unsubscribe” – alternate methods for receiving updates below)


* at FITNESS, 1196 Myrtle Ave Brooklyn

* showtime 9PM, $5

Fitness is a cool DIY art gallery/basement venue which has really been going nuts hosting cool show/parties. They tend to go late, but Radio Shock looks to be playing second, so… you probably just want to get there not too long after 9. Stay late though, this is a KILLER line-up.

Also features:

VIOLET RAID (MV Carbon alter ego!)

TIMEGHOST (Providence dude, rules, intense electronics and stark light show)




Facebook event:

and a week later in Chapel Hill, NC…


* Fri MAY 17 & Sat MAY 18

* at NIGHTLIGHT, 405 1/2 West Rosemary Street, Chapel Hill, NC

Amazing line-up of basically every east coast noise/jank freak act. All my favorite bands. Tiny sampling: Mincemeat or Tenspeed, DLMG, Crank Sturgeon, UHO, Humanbeast, Embarker, Rat Bastard, Clang Quartet, Form A Log?!?! …too many more.

Starts at 6 on Friday, 5 on Saturday, and Radio Shock plays early Saturday, about 6:45PM.



Brooklyn show Sunday 03/17 at The Hose

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at Brooklyn’s favorite basement venue The Hose, 28 Lawton St, conveniently located near the Kosciusko J stop or Myrtle JMZ stop in Bushwick. An evening of oddball experimental music-sounds!

featuring RADIO SHOCK (possibly playing first) with:
EMBARKER! (M.Barker’s solo noise/no wave/dada sound/video project)
UNGUENT! (Lance of Dick Neff doing solo swamp sound synthesis)
FLEX 1000 (unknown!)

Show at 9, and if Radio Shock is really on first, I promise to start playing as close to 9 as permitted! No 11:00 start time this night.

Also, a peek ahead:
RADIO SHOCK is booked at some upcoming noise-fest events.
April 26-27 at Raw Meet 10 in Boston, MA
May 17-18 at Savage Weekend in Chapel Hill, NC

the Int’l Noise Conference in Miami was a blast as always! Here’s some video of RADIO SHOCK’s performance:

Collab performance, downloadables, Brooklyn show

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1. online streaming collab performance 12/12/12
2. seasonal download
3. upcoming Brooklyn show 12/29

ITEM 1 streamable collab show:

Radio Shock friend Smhoak Mosheein is undertaking a 24 hour performance for every hour of 12/12/12 at Shea Stadium (the venue) in Brooklyn. As I write this, he should be beginning – NOW. Over the course of this performance, there will be a rotating cast of collaborators.

M.P.Lockwood of Radio Shock will be playing with Smhoak from 11AM – 12PM on 12/12, Wednesday, now TODAY. Locals can come by Shea Stadium to see part of this event, OR out-of-towners and the employed can stream the happenings from:

ITEM 2 seasonal downloads

Around this time of year, and only around this time of year, you can always download the Radio Shock holiday album, HERE:

It’s free (enter $0) or contribute money if you want.

As always, there are several other albums you can download via Bandcamp at

or via the Free Music Archive at

ITEM 3 upcoming Brooklyn show

Saturday Dec.29th – that majickal tyme between X-mas and the New Year. We will be visited by totally amazing and legendary one-man-band TRIN TRAN!!!

I am incredibly privileged to announce that Radio Shock will be playing with him at Death by Audio (49 S. 2nd St. Brooklyn NY)

Quite seriously, Trin Tran should not be missed. also playing will be Xaddax, serious avant math-shredders who should also not be missed. This will be a good show.

Facebook event:


And that’s the update. Happy holidays everyone!




free Radio Shock & related music & T-shirts you can buy

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Several cool things in this Radio Shock news release!


Did you know that some Radio Shock albums represent seasons? It’s true. RAGE158 is the fall album and since we’re deep into the fall season, I offer unto you a free download via the Free Music Archive (Free Music Archive is basically the best music site on the internet, filled with quality curated music for free).

and because the next season is approaching, the Radio Shock holiday album (representing the winter season) “SnoWave” is now available – only at this time of year until January.

It’s free too – just name your price as $0.00

The Spring album is in the works now.


Also on the Free Music Archive is this awesome new collaboration I did with Jason Hodges of Mutwawa/Bermuda Triangles fame. Down in Richmond, VA at the Cheap Fest next-day brunch, this spontaneous and unplanned collaboration took place and sounded totally killer. One mega Lo-techno/Glitch House/No Rave jam. Grab it now!



I made a small batch of these new “bleach-style” T-shirts. Right now I have some men’s medium and small, but I’ll be making more, so if you want another size, email mp AT radioshock D0T org, and make a request/inquiry. They’re $10 including shipping to the U.S. – OR TRADE (email to inquire)! See & order them at

and one last note, I’ll be playing in some kind of bizarre collab performance this Friday Nov.25 at Big Snow, which is a newish venue in Brooklyn, on Varet between Humboldt and Graham. Should be totally weird & totally fun.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone,
M*P* Lockwood

TWITTER  !/radioshock


Radio Shock in Fairfax VA and Cock Robot music & movie!

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RADIO SHOCK plays this Fri. June 10 in Fairfax, VA
download rare COCK ROBOT 7″ tracks and watch the WHEN ROBOTS ATTACK movie


I was invited to play a show this Friday June 10th at Candle Haus
4039 Hallman St, Fairfax VA

Start time probably about 9, also playing is Scrap Heap, and I’m not certain who else! I do not know when RADIO SHOCK goes on. Many mysteries, come discover the answers with me…


In related news, another release from the pre-Radio Shock project COCK ROBOT has been made available. This band was formed by myself (MP Lockwood), current professor of metaphortean studies Carl Diehl, and the enigmatic Toaster while in Syracuse, NY, and became early pioneers of No-Core style.

These 2 tracks are from a split 7″ with the band Katzenmallets (ex-Xerobot) and was Cock Robot’s last official release. Listen here and download for free by entering ZERO when asked to name your price. Or you can pay money if you wish.

Also unearthed: the long lost Cock Robot PR vehicle disguised as shockumentary:

This 47 minute film includes interviews with Cock Robot, as well as plenty of found and manipulated footage, music from several affiliated acts, and dramatic re-enactments of robotic holocaust starring members of Cock Robot as well as at least two other notorious underground music personalities. A chilling look into the state of Syracuse avant garde circa 2000.